IGL Future Share Price: What to Expect in the Coming Years


Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) is the largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) distribution company in India operating in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Rewari, Karnal and Muzaffarnagar. With a market share of over 73% in this sector, IGL is a key player providing CNG to automobiles and piped natural gas (PNG) to households and industries. The company has witnessed steady growth over the years, benefitting from the government’s focus on a greener environment, and has seen its stock prices soar in the past few years. In this article, we will explore the factors that could impact IGL’s future share price.

Factors Affecting IGL’s Share Price

The future share price of IGL will depend on several internal and external factors, including:

1. Expansion Plans

IGL has a well-defined expansion plan for the next few years that involves extending its distribution network in existing and new areas. The company is also planning to enter new sectors such as the City Gas Distribution (CGD) business and setting up Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG) plants. The ability of the company to successfully execute these plans will determine the growth trajectory of the company, which in turn will impact its share price.

2. Government Policy

The Indian government’s focus on reducing pollution and boosting the use of cleaner fuels has been a key driver for the growth of the CNG and PNG business in India. The government’s policies and regulations for the sector will be a significant factor in the growth potential of IGL. Any changes in government policies or regulations can have an impact on IGL’s future share price.

3. Crude Oil Prices

The prices of crude oil and natural gas are closely linked, and any fluctuations in crude oil prices could impact the profitability of the company. Lower crude oil prices would improve margins for the company and can thus have a positive impact on its future share price.

4. Competition

IGL has a leading market position in the CNG and PNG businesses, but the company faces stiff competition from other players in the market. Any new entrants in the sector or increased competition from existing players can lead to a loss of market share for IGL, which can then impact its future share price.


IGL has been a major player in the CNG and PNG sectors in India, and the company’s strategic focus on expansion, diversification, and sustainability have contributed to its growth in recent years. The future share price of IGL will depend on several internal and external factors such as its ability to execute expansion plans, government policy, fluctuations in crude oil prices, and competition from other players. It is important to consider these factors when evaluating the company’s future financial performance and stock price trends. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor before investing in IGL or any other company’s shares.