H1: Google Stock Futures: Analysis and Predictions for the Future

The financial year 2020 has been a year of unpredictability, with most stocks and indices showing unprecedented fluctuations. The tech industry has been one of the few sectors that have managed to remain relatively resilient amid the economic upheaval, and Google, or Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), has been a star performer, recording significant growth in its stock value.

As we roll into the future, we move forward to forecast the predicted performance of the Google stock futures.

H2: Google Stock Market Review

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) stock’s price at present is USD 1,891.25 or up 2.16% over the past year, and the company’s market capitalization is currently at USD 1.27 trillion.

The Q3 earnings report of 2020 showed that Google-parent Alphabet Inc. BEAT the street; as the company earned $16.4 billion from $46.2 billion of revenue.

While Google Advertising still remains the primary revenue source for the company, the two other significant areas that have seen phenomenal growth are the Google cloud and Google Play. Despite the pandemic, Google has continued to grow its cloud segment in 2020, with revenue increasing 45% YoY for Q3 of 2020, already beating its 2019 total revenue for the year.

Google Play also experienced growth, reaching USD 10.6bn in Q3 of 2020, making it the fastest-growing app store outside of China, with an immense ecosystem of over 2.9 million apps.

H2: Projections for Google Stock Futures

Considering the present global economic climate and the company’s consistent growth over the past few years, Google is likely to do well in 2021. However, market analysts suggest there might be some hurdles along the way.

The regulatory environment is most likely to remain unpredictable with several lawsuits against Google for favouring their own products over competitors’. Despite the recent settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, investors are still wary of a possible breakup of the company.

The growing competition is also becoming a concern for Google, making it necessary for the company to diversify and innovate to maintain its market position.

However, with its countless sources of revenue and a robust long-term strategy, Google is expected to perform well in the coming year, consistently increasing shareholder value.

H2: Conclusion

To summarise, Google Stock’s outlook for the future looks positive, provided there are no significant market disruptions. Google’s diversified revenue model and a significant market share in various segments of the digital market bode well for the company’s future. Nevertheless, it would help keep an eye on the regulatory environment and competition that has been growing exponentially.

Thus, it is advisable to invest in Google for long-term gains and to reap the benefits of the company’s stable and consistent financial growth.