Dow Futures for Wednesday

On Wednesday, investors will be closely watching the Dow futures to get a sense of how the stock market will perform. After a tumultuous year in 2020, many are hoping for a more stable and predictable market in 2021. Here are the top three things to watch for in the Dow futures on Wednesday:

1. The Impact of Stimulus Talks on the Dow Futures

One of the biggest drivers of the stock market in recent months has been the ongoing stimulus talks in Washington D.C. Investors have been closely following the progress of the talks, as a new stimulus package could provide a much-needed boost to the economy. However, the talks have been fraught with delays and disagreements, leaving many investors uncertain about the future. On Wednesday, the Dow futures will likely be influenced by any developments in the stimulus talks.

2. The Impact of the Presidential Transition on the Dow Futures

Another major factor that could impact the Dow futures on Wednesday is the ongoing presidential transition. With Joe Biden set to take office on January 20th, investors will be closely watching for any indication of what his economic policies might be. In particular, many will be looking for clues about how he plans to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. Any announcements or statements from the Biden administration could move the Dow futures in one direction or another.

3. The Impact of International Events on the Dow Futures

Finally, the Dow futures on Wednesday will also be influenced by international events. With tensions between the U.S. and China continuing to simmer, any new developments could move the stock market one way or another. In addition, investors will be watching for news related to Brexit, which could have implications for the global economy.

Overall, Wednesday promises to be a busy day for investors as they closely monitor the Dow futures. By paying attention to these three factors, investors can get a sense of where the stock market is headed and make informed decisions about their portfolios.