F&O Ban Stocks Today

What are F&O Ban Stocks?

Futures and Options, commonly known as F&O, are derivative products that investors trade in the stock market. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) monitors F&O trading and regulates it through a system of rules, guidelines, and restrictions.

One such restriction is the F&O ban, where SEBI imposes a ban on certain F&O stocks’ trading. The ban is imposed when the stock’s Futures and Options trading volumes exceed a certain threshold. SEBI imposes the ban to prevent large-scale manipulation, based on insider information, to benefit a few traders at the expense of retail investors.

Hence, F&O ban is an essential measure to ensure that the markets are fair and transparent for all investors. The F&O ban stocks are those stocks that SEBI has identified to be under the ban from trading in the F&O segment.

Today’s F&O Ban Stocks

Today’s F&O ban stocks are those stocks that SEBI has imposed a ban on trading in the F&O segment. As of today, the following stocks are under the F&O ban:

  • ABC Ltd.
  • XYZ Ltd.
  • PQR Ltd.
  • MNO Ltd.

The ban on these stocks means that investors can only trade in the cash market and not in the F&O segment. The ban is enforced from the start of the trading day and remains in force until the end of the trading day.

It is essential to note that the F&O ban is primarily a trading restriction and not a stock’s investment feature. Hence, investors can still buy or hold the F&O ban stocks for investment purposes, but they can’t trade them in the F&O segment on the day the ban is in force.


The F&O ban is a regulatory measure imposed by SEBI to prevent insider trading and large-scale manipulation of stock prices. While the ban restricts F&O trading on certain stocks on specific days, it doesn’t impact the fundamental investment value of the stock.

Investors should be mindful of the F&O ban status of stocks before trading in the F&O segment. They should also be cautious of rumors and insider information that may lead to a stock being banned for F&O trading. By following SEBI’s rules and guidelines, investors can ensure that the stock market remains fair and transparent for all participants.